The Prodigy

At the tender age of 16, Jaxxon has embraced the call to music.  Born as the youngest of four siblings, she continually sought her independence and identity.  A consistent honor roll student, she excelled in her performances in school choruses and now seeks to take her music a step further.  She has been musically inspired by the heart felt tones of Donnell Jones.  She sees India Arie as a musically spiritual vocalist that she looks up to.  Someone whose music you don't just hear but you can close your eyes and feel. She embraces music that explores love, sadness, freedom and independence, all things she can relate to as she goes through her teen years.  Her first single, "Boy Crazy" was a rhythmic ride that was inspired by her sister calling her boy crazy as she began to take an interest in boys when she was 14.  She aspires to attend Broward College as she continues her music journey. 

Music Releases