About Us

Dacatindahat Productions, LLC was a dream fashioned in the mind of Dacatindahat over 20yrs ago.  Growing up in a small farming community called South Bay, known as "The Muck", he watched a community full of athletic, intellectual, and artistic talent seem to waste away.  Not having much talent of his own, he always dreamed of providing a means of helping those with talent to find their way.  Dacatindahat Productions has become that platform.  As a label, we seek to open the door to independent artists, producers, and songwriters and help give these artists the exposure they need.  In addition to independent artists we strive to use this same platform to build up other forms of the arts, to include dance, spoken word, hair, and poetry, with events focused on these forms of the arts.  This extends to the community to provide forms of entertainment for the entire family.  
Please join in our journey as we explore a world of entertainment.